Bitcoin Will Double in 2 Years

New Survey: German Adults Believe Bitcoin Will Double in 2 Years

A new survey of 27% of young Germans by suggests that Bitcoin will be bullish in the near future. They believe that the value of Bitcoin in the world will double in 2 years.

The Poll Discloses the Optimism conducted a survey of 2,054 young Germans between April 10 and 17, 2019. The Bitcoin price was 4,446 Euros at the time of the pool. About 15% of the audience surveyed believed that the Bitcoin value would double to over 10,000 Euros. Another 25% believe that the coin will halve in value. 26% of them believe that the coin will be half in its value of worth nothing. 3% cryptocurrency diehards believe that its value will cross 20,000 Euros while a whopping 48% of German adults were not able to answer.

Martin Schwarz, the editor of, commented on the result, stating –

“The data shows that Germans are still uncertain about the future of Bitcoin. While some speculations reach from no value at all to 50.000 EUR or more, many answers see the Bitcoin price remain around the current level.”

Also, he said –

“The younger generation is more optimistic about Bitcoin. About 15% of the average adults believe that the price will double while 27% of the younger adults believed so.”

Other Things the Survey Suggests

The results of the survey imply that a majority of the investors are still not confident whether they should invest their money or not. However, most of them still want traditional investment options- with 18% choosing stocks and 9% choosing ETFs. The 3rd place goes to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In the age group of 18 to 24 years, 7 of the respondents advised that they would buy Bitcoin.

The data further suggests that ETFs and equities are still the most preferred investment options amongst all age groups. The younger generation isn’t just interested in newer kinds of investments but was also more inclined towards the use of Robo-Advisors. Most Germans think that the Bitcoin price is going to remain stable for the next 2 years. While most of the Germans think Bitcoin is a potential currency, they also think that it is going to be in a sideways market.