New Crypto Trading Platform Pandora is Now Online

Crypto trading platform Pandora has now officially launched, according to a recent press release. The platform is offering “advanced Forex trading technology to cryptocurrency traders.”

In a press release shared by Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the company said on Thursday that the platform will provide investors with benefits such as the ability to use MetaTrader 5 for trading purposes, and aims to build a “comprehensive trading ecosystem that leverages professional trading solutions.”

The press report also confirmed that Pandora’s ‘Pandfolio software solutions’ will be available for its users. This means that portfolio owners will be able to sync their exchanges and use the statistics to analyse and track their investments. As of now, the exchange supports Binance, Kucoin, Bitfinex and Poloniex.

PANDORA’s new trading solution will automate the users trading strategies through selected performance indicators and streamline their accounts. As a bonus, the PANDORA trading platform is providing users with a news and analytics section to keep investors updated on statistics and crypto headlines.

Pandora’s CEO, Anton Kulikov said in a statement that,

“PANDORA is honored to usher in the next wave of cryptocurrency trading, with a complete solution for traders who want to leverage robust professional tools to invest in the cryptocurrency market.”

Kulikov assured that the platform would be using the same analytical and trading solutions that traders have been relying on, but managing their cryptocurrency portfolios would be easier than on other existing platforms.

Pandora already has 10 years of experience in Forex under its belt. With this new platform, Pandora aims to help traders by improving their profit margins by making trading more efficient, allow the automatic generation of user portfolios and improve the monitoring of trading fees. The report states that the company is primary focusing on leveraging its sophisticated technology and predicts that crypto-focused trading solutions could help give crypto trading a fresh burst of energy.