New Crypto Scam

New Crypto Scam Offering Free BTC is Being Advertised

A new crypto scam has been found offering free BTC. It is being advertised on scam websites offering Ethereum for free. The guy who found this crypto scam is an independent security researcher that goes with the name as Frost on Twitter.

According to the reports, the scam offers free BTC worth of $5 to 30 every day, only by running a so-called program known as Bitcoin Collector, but actually, when it’s clicked, it will install some ransomware or password-stealing Trojans to your device.

The Bitcoin Collector program can be seen being advertised on scam websites that offer 3 ETH to those who refer 1,000 new visitors successfully, like

Clicking on the above ‘Earn $15-$45/day in BTC for FREE and automatically’ ads will bring the visitors to the other page containing a link to download the Bitcoin Collector program, that also offers a VirusTotal link, perhaps to show the link’s security for enhancing its reliability to convince the prospect victims even more.

TL;DR, it will download a Trojan-containing file, that will infect your system upon instalment and automatically launch a malware payload.

The payload, in an earlier version, was, in reality, HiddenTear ransomware named “Marozka Tear Ransomware,” that showed the message when it runs.

As indicated by the BleepingComputer team, the latter version of the ransomware is more harmful as the Trojan contained inside is very much capable of stealing login details of the visited sites, retrieve browser history, take screenshots, steal files from the invected system, and even steal crypto wallets.

‘Mind What You Click’ is still and perhaps will always be the best advice to all the cryptocurrency investors out there, particularly, when the cryptocurrency market is pumping hard, as of now.