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New Crypto Enabled Visa Card Announced at TechCrunch, the most prized domain name has been sold!

The co-founder and CEO of, Kris Marszalek is currently at the TechCrunch conference that is being held at Zug, Switzerland. In the conference, he discussed the all new MCO Visa card of his company that will enable all users to spend their cryptocurrency at more than 40 million locations worldwide. Not just that, but this MCO Visa card will also offer benefits to all users, that according to Marszalek, is better than the best credit cards in
the world.

Marszalek also revealed in an interview that he had used this black elite card himself to buy two coffees recently. He further added that when users download their app, they will be able to use the MCO card in any location where they accept Visa. It is pertinent to mention here that their app consists of a wallet for both fiat currency users and crypto users. Kris also spoke about the mission of that is “to accelerate the global development,
adoption, and transition to cryptocurrency.” He also mentioned that the MCO Visa card not just offers utility to all the cryptocurrency holders but also offers a gateway for all those people who are interested in it but are still hesitant to get involved into the platform due to its volatile nature and other technical aspects., in addition to its standard MCO Visa Card, is also introducing MCO Private, which is an exclusive service of cryptocurrency concierge. This service will apparently be offered to all the clients in the crypto space with high net worth. It will offer both access and its specialized services to these clients. Additional perks also include guidance on how to use the platform, dedicated customer service to all the customers through the phone and
exclusive access to all the events and advice related to cryptocurrencies.