New Blockchain Centre To Be Set Up In Malaysia, Courtesy WiSeKey and Censof

WiSeKey, a cybersecurity platform that also works with IoT or Internet of Things, has announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with a firm called Cendee Sdn. Bhd. (which is a subsidiary of Censof Holdings Berhad), with the ultimate objective of setting up a Blockchain Centre of Excellence in Malaysia.

They have already made attempts to integrate their efforts with that of each other. As the first step towards a successful collaboration, the two parties have begun working on secure authentication.

They have made use of Root of Trust, a cryptographic tool, with the addition and integration of Internet of Things and blockchain technology. What it will do is that it will make sure they are able to deliver seamless blockchain-IoT solutions to enterprises (ranging from regulators to corporates to financial institutions) when such a need arises.

Thus, the two parties have already gone ahead with the deployment of the WISeKey Malaysian Root of Trust (RoT)”. Cendee already has a number of projects in place to work alongside government bodies in Malaysia and this new collaboration and strategy will only add to its stellar track record in this field. It identifies as a “technology investment holding company specialising in financial management software solutions”.

With regard to the partnership, Carlos Moreno, Vice President of Corporate Alliances and Partnership in WiSeKey had the following statement to make:

“We are proud to collaborate with Censof, a market leader and a trusted partner in providing financial and business management solutions specifically geared to the needs of government agencies. This strategic agreement allows Censof, and in particular Cendee, to leverage their Cybersecurity and Blockchain expertise by combining them with WISeKey’s broad Cybersecurity portfolio of services and also strengthen Censof’s offering among government and enterprise clients.”

Over the course of the last few months, we have witnessed WiSeKey take the initiative to develop blockchain through establishment of blockchain centres in a number of locations, including major countries such as the United States, China, India etc. It has also made a foray into areas in Latin America or Africa. Malaysia represents its first foray into South East Asia.