New AI Powered dApp Network Launched By Cortex

Cortex has just announced the successful launch of their artificial intelligence (AI) powered network for decentralized apps, which has created significant buzz in the market. This is a significant move by them since it marks the first time that AI has been introduced to a crypto network on such a major scale.

The Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM) which has been developed by the Cortex Team took fifteen months of intense development, and is finally ready for the mainnent launch. The use of AI in the network is a game changer since it will now allow trained AI models to be uploaded onto the storage layer of the Cortex chain before being used in smart contracts by dApp developers.

The team hopes this technology will be extremely useful in generating credit reports for the decentralized finance industry. Additionally, the team is hopeful that it can be used for gaming and eSports sector. Cortex CEO Ziqi Chen said:

“On-chain machine learning is an extremely complex endeavor due to the computational demands, and the need to create a virtual machine that is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible. With the Cortex Virtual Machine, we’ve achieved a breakthrough that brings the benefits of artificial intelligence to a wider audience. Although dApp developers will be among the first beneficiaries of the Cortex mainnet, this is only the beginning. In time, we expect to develop a diverse range of use cases, all delivered on-chain.”

Ai dApps have the potential to become the next big thing in technology in the future and Cortex plans to work with developers to incorporate AI dApps on its network. It always helps to be vaguely right than to be precisely wrong, and Cortex seems to have got it precisely right when it comes to this new AI fueled development.