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Netflix For Professional Development: Platform Helps Users Learn Better

A blockchain project known as the Education Ecosystem is growing a decentralised e-learning platform called LiveEdu, where individuals can learn about how to build entire projects in categories such as cryptocurrencies, programming, artificial intelligence and other technology fields. Defining itself as “Netflix For Professional Growth”, the company states that it is different to the other online learning platforms as their focus is on intermediate to advanced level learners who are looking to improve their career skills as well as not beginners just starting.

Real Projects Learning

As indicated in the Training Industry Survey, the money spent worldwide on professional development was $359.3 billion in 2016 and reached $362.2 in the year 2017. Education Ecosystem has declared an ambitious goal – to disrupt the vocational training industry.

LiveEdu is a platform where expert and intermediate learners can obtain current information on future fields technology right from their more experienced colleagues. Apart from programming, cryptocurrencies as well as artificial intelligence, there are topics like cybersecurity, game development, design, data science, augmented reality and virtual reality.

200 Nations With A Million Users

The beta version of this program was inaugurated at the end of 2015 with the name ‘‘. It just incorporated video content associated with programming. The significant change for the project was made after two years in 2017. The platform was then renamed to ‘LiveEdu’; the education categories were likewise expanded to the current topics. The team has even adjusted the monetization structure.

Now, the company mints the money by subscriptions. Education Ecosystem provides distinct prices depending on the number of topics and the duration. In the future, the company intends to make money mainly via B2B and B2G sales. The B2G and B2B sales channels will be started in 2019.

Education Ecosystem tells that LiveEdu was utilised by more than a million individuals in almost 200 countries since the inauguration of the platform. The number of streamers exceeded 13,000, and they have made over 2,00,000 videos. About 50 new projects every week are presently being added. That is expected to ramp up as the organisation looks to build the largest project learning library over the internet.