NetCents Promises No Delays in Crypto Transactions

NetCents Technology Released Zero Confirmation and Risk Analysis Technology

NetCents Technology Inc. recently made an announcement regarding its newly released Zero Confirmation and Risk Analysis technology that guarantees to eliminate any delay in cryptocurrency transactions before they are confirmed on the blockchain.

The CEO of NetCents Technology, Clayton Moore, stated –

“The delay in transaction approval is the biggest hurdle for card present, retail merchant and partner adoption. As it is right now, there is a delay for all cryptocurrency transactions, opening a window for transactions to timeout, fraud, and double spending. The launch of this technology lines up with our POS and terminal integration and rollout. Being integrated with companies like Oracle and PAX, who alone has over 26 million terminals, the delay at the point of sale was something that we knew we needed to eliminate to instill confidence for retail merchants to begin accepting cryptocurrency and avoid transaction delays for the consumer.”

The Company will be licensing this technology to crypto payment processors, retailers, and any business that’s looking to validate a transaction prior to the transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain.

Currently, there are over 287,000 blockchain transaction every day that the technology can be applied to. With the waiting time being the biggest hurdle for the retail adoption, this newly launched technology by NetCents eliminates that hurdle which the company expects will further drive merchant and transaction growth.

The NetCents Zero Confirmation and Risk Analysis Technology facilitates risk-mitigated commerce, near-instant, ensuring the crypto transaction before it gets confirmed by miners on the blockchain.

The technology offers a score for each transaction, guaranteeing the transaction against, double spending, expiration, as well as other frauds. In case the transaction passes the NetCents scoring algorithm, the transaction is approved with ZERO confirmations.

At the launch, the Company will be using this technology for all Bitcoin transaction, and will soon roll it out for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions.

This platform advancement reduces the waiting time at point of sale transactions that the Company has seen taking up to 30 minutes.

With Zero Confirmation and Risk Analysis, NetCents is now able to deliver near real-time confirmations for 98% of all bitcoin transactions.