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NEO Develops First Ever Chrome Extension Wallet Plug-in

According to official reports, which were published recently, the NEXT community developers have come up with the first ever Chrome extension wallet plug-in. As announced by the NEO Smart Community, on Twitter, the wallet plug-in will serve as a bridge between the computer/ mobile’s browser and NEO. It reportedly is packed with several features that will enable the users of the platform to accomplish the entire “asset viewing, transfer, browsing transaction and other wallet functions as usual.”

The platform also has dAPI for the decentralized applications from NEOLine helps the developers in using the “JS Library” and facilitates more efficient interaction between the decentralized applications and the wallet. This benefits the developers, users, dApp providers as well as makes the right use of smart contracts. All this can be done by clicking on ‘connection’ option on the platform. The platform guarantees strong security that is backed by Chrome’s privacy features and of the NEOLine. The sensitive information of the user is encrypted and is stored in the users’ computer. This ensures a greater safety around the private key, the address information, etc. It also lets users to move from the main network to the test network by just one click. The user can also build accounts, add more accounts to the main account which can further act as ‘independent accounts,’ get the private keys, exchange money on the platform, administer assets, keep a tab on the transactions, use the “multi-language” option, and so on.

Further, the blog also provides instructions on the operational steps that include things like guidance on adding the plug-ins to Chrome, creation of new accounts or importing information from the existing NEO wallet, instructions on transfers, how to set up and how to manage one’s preferred languages, and how to get “authorized connections. For details on each step, the official blog of NEOLine will be very helpful.

The blog also talks about Bloys browser, plans around support for “NFT versions” and offers the game developers for offering more efficient services.

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