Names Of Prominent Libertarians Added In The Nomination Committee Of Satoshi Awards

The organizers of Satoshi Awards, have added three prominent libertarians to their nominating committee: economist Jeffrey Tucker, CoinText founder and “Gigolos” star Vin Armani, and CEO Roger Ver.

The World’s first cryptocurrency awards with voting on the blockchain are set to premiere at a ceremony in Acapulco, Mexico on February 2020 with the theme “Honoring Ethical Innovation on the Blockchain”.

The committee will choose finalists in 12 categories (yet to be determined). The nomination applications will be assessed based on the “the greatest impact on the spreading acceptance and ethical use of cryptocurrencies to the benefit of humankind”.

Those interested can suggest ideas for different categories by visiting the Satoshi Awards website.

Some other names on the committee include “Psychological Anarchist” Sterlin Lujan, Crypto Adventures founder Elsa Ramon, Coinbase senior engineer Josh Ellithorpe, and EOS’s Adrianna Mendez.

The final winners will be chosen by the public, through a blockchain voting system to guarantee transparency and fairness.
Nominations will be open to all in the cryptocurrency community, and will not favour any particular blockchain protocol, assured the organizers. They said,

“Dedicated to all visionaries, anarchists, artists, pioneers and truth seekers, the Satoshi Awards will celebrate their endeavours and the mark they are leaving on our movement. Stepping away from the hype and the market, we wish to look back and honour those who’ve played a key role in this industry.”

Steve Ellis of TecAv, the founder of the Award will host the ceremony. He promised a memorable event for all:

“The show we have planned will set the standard for awards ceremonies in this space. I’m really excited about the direction we’re taking and so are our sponsors,”

The nomination committee members and organizers will be meeting once a week to discuss updates and the overall format for the awards event. The organisers are also looking for official sponsors and partners. Till date, they have announced DASH Thailand and DASH Now as the first two, and they are a great choice because of their important steps to promote cryptocurrency in Asia.