Mythical Games Launches EOS-Based Digital Asset Standard

Mythical Games, which is a startup game studio recently launched a new initiate, dGoods, which can be used by the entire industry, and will help in formalizing the fast-growing global marketplace of digital items between creators, consumers and studios. As per the press release that was released, the company has collaborated with EOS Lynx, Scatter, Cypherglass, pixEOS (the maker of pixEOS Paint) and several other blockchain firms. The release says that all these firms collectively had felt the need to develop better digital goods standards for the development community, with a specific focus on the EOS blockchain.

The Mythical Games team revealed that this initiative can be viewed as a shove towards a commercially-endorsed benchmark for creating and distributing digital assets on the blockchain. The website describes dGoods as “a logical extension of the standard EOS token with the addition of significant functionality improvements that will allow teams to easily integrate and display virtual items.”

With the announcement comes the release of version 0.1, which are inclusive of the following features

  1. Metadata Templates for 3D and 2D assets
  2. Certificate of Authenticity
  3. Multiple categorized tokens in one token contract
  4. Fungible and non-fungible in one contract
  5. Open source functionality

Rudy Koch, the head of blockchain at Mythical games said,

“The goal of our first draft was to make sure we captured the fundamentals while creating a solid foundation for the dGoods standard that we can continue to expand and build on top of… We’ve collaborated with some incredibly talented teams to design a spec that we’re confident sharing with the development community at large. The dGoods standard is a free and open standard aimed at supporting a diverse range of digital assets and requirements. With the release of this draft, we encourage those who are interested to review the spec, pressure test our design, and provide [their] valuable input.”

In another major announcement for Mythical Games, they recently revealed that the company will be collaborating with SXSW Gaming to host this year’s opening night party on March 15.