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Mozilla is Testing XRP-Centric Web Monetization Platform Coil

David Walsh, Mozilla’s senior web developer is testing a new incentivizing web platform called Coil which will be centered around Ripple’s XRP token. Coil was developed by former Ripple’s Chief Technical Director and the creator of Interledger Protocol (ILP) Stefan Thomas.

The senior web developer Walsh and senior software engineer created an account on Coil and released three posts about testing the platform. Walsh has been known as a content creator who teaches web developers on the internet. He educates developers about the MooTools and has also written hundreds of ‘How To’ blog post.

David with his dearth of knowledge on content creation and experience as a software developer is being seen as a potential tool in helping the usage of the Coil platform.

Coil Launches $5/month Subscription Program

The coil has earlier partnered with Stronghold to launch a content focused incentivized platform where people can blog about a number of niches. The aim behind the creation of the platform is to build the 21st-century content platform which rewards the microbloggers for their contribution.

With Coil, the content contributors on the platform have the opportunity to offer exclusive content to their respective user-base without the overdose of advertisements posted all over the website. Readers can enjoy ad-free content while the Coil incentivizes the creator of the content.

The Coil has been built on an interledger Protocol and pays contents creators with XRP and USD. The platform has also released its beta testing platform for the public. The aim is to battling competition with similar incentivized working models which include  Basic attention Token’s Brave browser, lightning blog Yalls and Cent.

XRP adoption has been on the rise not just on the platforms like coil for incentivizing content creators, but the biggest share of the adoption comes from the public as well as central banks around the globe. Ripple made banking solutions which use XRP for liquidation has more than 200 partners now. While the large scale adoption of Ripple made payment solution is not reflective on the prices of XRP.