Mozilla Firefox Incorporates Protection Against Cryptojacking In Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox, one of the best known web browsers out there, has now incorporated with new advanced protections to guard against crypto mining malware. Its latest version will be equipped with the ability to protect users from cryptojacking. The company has published a blog post to announce this new development on the 9th of April, 2019.

The Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67 versions, users will now be able to find a new protection feature to guard against crypto mining and fingerprinting hack attacks. These features are available in the Content Blocking suite of protective features in the browser.

The blog post details:

“At Mozilla, we have been working hard to protect you from threats and annoyances on the web, so you can live your online life with less to worry about. Last year, we told you about adapting our approach to anti-tracking given the added importance of keeping people’s information on the web private in today’s climate. We talked about blocking tracking while also offering a clear set of controls to give our users more choice over what information they share with sites. One of the three key initiatives we listed was mitigating harmful practices like fingerprinting and cryptomining. We have added a feature to block fingerprinting and cryptomining in Firefox Nightly as an option for users to turn on.”

This particular feature has been created in partnership with Disconnect, a privacy and security software company. It incorporates in itself a set of blacklists identifying domains that are usually used to carry out these fingerprinting hack or cryptojacking attacks.

Users should note that this new protection feature is not activated by default on the browser. Hence, in order to make use of it, one must go to the “Privacy and Security Settings” section and add it. However, as the blog post tells us, the protections will soon be enabled by default in the Nightly version.