Morgan Creek Co-founder says Cryptocurrencies are Being Built for Machines

Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets has recently made claims that might become a topic of debate in near future. Anthony says that the reason many people do not understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies is that it was never meant to be understood by humans.

Anthony while interacting with his followers on Twitter claimed that the development of cryptocurrencies was meant for machines and this is the reason mortal humans do not understand how the digital asset work or functions.

Binanace CEO Disagrees With Pompliano

Changpeng Zhao. the Binance CEO did not agree with the views of Anthony as he thinks humans are quite capable of understanding and using cryptos, which has led to such a wider acceptance in a very short period of time. Zhao, replied to Anthony’s tweet saying,

“Disagree on this one. Humans can use crypto equally well. The reason it is so hard for many to understand cryptocurrency is because our schools don’t teach us what money really is.”

Zhao sees the current problem of people not able to understand the working of cryptos mainly because of our flawed education system, where the students are not really taught about the real world issues like how money works. Zhao believes the complexities involved in the cryptocurrency has nothing to do with the humans using it. People do not necessarily have to understand the whole technology to use it.

Anthony replied to the Zhao’s remark over our faulty education system with,

“agreed that we don’t teach this in schools, but we should. Humans are the research and development (R&D) department for machines though. Automation is the result of humans trying to do things better, faster, more efficiently, or more consistently.”

A user in response to the Pompliano’s comment said that the machines don’t see the value in scams, so the statement that cryptos are built for machines does not really validate. The comment was a sarcastic response trying to imply that Cryptocurrencies apart from the original Bitcoin are just scams.

Final Thoughts

The statements made by Morgan Creek co-founder might seem bizarre, but that’s a part of any evolving tech which everyone is talking about. Remember the Dotcom boom in the late ’90s and early 2000, even then some people were critical, some were in-between while many outright called it a bubble. But look what we got from the so-called dot com bubble, Amazon, Google, and even Facebook to some extent.

Cryptocurrency space has a lot to offer and thus the number of opinions from different corners are not at all discouraging or bad. Today’s internet ecosystem actually make it interesting when people with contradictory viewpoints argue to prove their point right. As per the claims about crypto being machine centric does not hold much of weight since the people who are going to use it does not have to write the blockchain codes for the same.

If we go by Anthony’s theory almost everything digital can be claimed to be made for the machines.