More Bitcoin ATMs to Open Up In The States?

Consider this. Let’s say you are walking down a street in an American city, where selling and purchasing cryptocurrencies is legal and common. If you stumble upon a Bitcoin ATM on the way to wherever it is you are going, I presume you will be pleasantly surprised.

It’s not a mere imagination anymore, but the impending reality. Coinme has declared their newest partnership with Coinstar, and their upcoming plans for the American market.

The two companies wish to collaborate their resources, and make bitcoin kiosks a quotidian reality for most American crypto traders. Anybody and everybody with a wallet and access, can buy crypto from these kiosks. But before reading ahead, check out our piece on how to buy Bitcoins from an ATM?

This new partnership is aimed towards building more Bitcoin ATMs across the country. In a press update, Coinme stated that it has experienced

“strong national momentum and growth of its mainstream digital currency business, led by a massive increase in the number of kiosks where it offers the ability to buy bitcoin.”

The partnership between the two companies dates back to 2019, and hopes to combine Coinme’s bitcoin ATM experience with Coinstar’s nationwide fleet of 20,000 coin-to-cash kiosks. This new partnership has increased Coinme’s number of bitcoin ATMs from 70 to more than 2,100 bitcoin-compatible kiosks.

Coinstar CEO Jim Gaherity said that his company is

“incredibly pleased with this collaboration with Coinme and [is] eager to continue expanding to new markets in the coming months.”

According to Coinme, the first quarter of 2019 has proved to be “one of the most successful in Coinme’s five-year history, with 38 percent growth in user acquisition, 92 percent gains in transactions volume and 109 percent growth in transactions processed compared to Q1 2018.

Three states witnessed initial tests of these improved kiosks being carried out in Coinstar terminals. These were Washington, California and Texas. The plan is to install this new batch in both urban areas where Coinstar already has operational ATMs, along with places that will have it for the first time.