Block propagation

Mining Firm Rawpool to Integrate bloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network

Block propagation startup firm bloXroute Labs announced on Thursday, January 10, 2019, that it is joining hands with video communication software organisation, Yeecall, and Chinese mining firm, Rawpool Group. The collaboration between these entities will make Yeecall and Rawpool the first crypto firms to integrate bloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network.

bloXroute aims to provide efficient Blockchain network by propagating Blocks neutrally. As per the whitepaper published by the firm, it states that the Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) does not favour any certain node. The integration of BDN facilitates the maintenance of consensus within the participating nodes by remaining neutral.

The company has announced that the node integration process will begin as early as February. bloXroute also states that their Application Programming Interface (API) will support Bitcoin and Ether. In their announcement, bloXroute elaborated,

“Rawpool and Yee Chain will be among the first adopters of the bloXroute BDN version once it is available for deployment in Q1, and will participate in the first testing of the bloXroute BDN scheduled for February. This test will be followed by a large-scale test in March that will include many miners and users.”

bloXroute BDN’s first version when released will be an operational network with 15 nodes which will be spread across five continents. After the initial release, the development team will continue to scale and the team hopes that as much as 30 to 50 nodes will be integrated into the network by the Q3 of 2019. After the BDN tests in March 2019, bloXroute hopes that the network will be able to attract more mining pools.

As per the announcement by the company, BDN is slated to be the ‘only layer zero scalability solution.’ The whitepaper explains that the use of the BDN network by more and more nodes will facilitate the propagation of blocks, hence the transactions will be carried out quickly. As per the company, the partnership with Rawpool will allow the mining firm to send Blocks faster. Their announcement elaborated,

“This partnership is not only a large step towards scaling blockchains but also will allow Rawpool to immediately hear about and send blocks faster.”