Microsoft Triumvirate Joins Forces To Empower Blockchain Technology

BTC Wires– The Blockchain ecosystem spots another great initiative towards its development. Our news today comes in from the city of Taipei where a triple alliance has been formed between Microsoft Taiwan, Digital China and Hot Cool. The announcement broke out on June 28, 2018 at Taipei’s Le Meridian hotel. The alleged intention behind this alliance is to expand and empower several industries by the help of Blockchain technology. The news of the alliance has stirred the ecosystem with great expectations and representatives have only strengthened these hopes after sharing their perspectives with one another.

Adding to the hopes of credibility from this alliance, Sun Jikang(General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan) has remarked how the blockchain of Digital China could be strategically be improved by Microsoft Azure. In a statement given to CCN by Jikang mentioned that Taiwan posses top notch engineering and technical talents. He further pointed out that Taiwan has a great manufacturing and R&D foundations. To top things up additionally, the geographical location of Taiwan greatly supports the sort of conditions that are required for Blockchain application development.

Founder of Digital China, Sun Yutao has reportedly been interested in Blockchain technology since 2014 and this seems quite likely to be the culmination of all the research that has nurtured the interest. As per him, Blockchain technology would hardly be enough. In his opinion, conjoining artificial intelligence, biometrics and IoT is the most nifty option. Wu Jiefu, Manager at Hot Cool agrees with his allies and feel that this alliance could prove to be a very essential launch pad for Blockchain solution.

It is being assumed that Digital China’s DADA, Hot Cool’s MSP and Microsoft’s Blockchain Workbench would drive the project home and will hopefully introduce the blockchain ecosystem to China cost-efficiently. Although there are no formal details about the partnership as yet, nor have any roadmaps surfaced regarding the alliance. A lot of people are bewildered about Microsoft’s involvement in this project after Bill Gate’s statement against Bitcoin in March, earlier this year. We can only hope the more light dawns on the project and we the alliance introduces us to newfound ways for the technology to cater to varying industries.