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Microsoft Azure Collaborates With Stratis To Launch ICO Platform

As cryptocurrencies gain more and more popularity, we are getting to know about many more developments in this field. As per recent reports, Microsoft Azure and Stratis are collaboration to introduce the Stratis ICO Platform which allows projects to run a secure and flexible web-based application, which in turn enables the selling of tokens.

It was in October of last year, that Microsoft has announced that Stratis had become a certified Microsoft Partner. The aim of this partnership is to develop C# blockchain technologies meant for enterprise customers. As a result of this partnership, Microsoft will provide the resources and access to the market while Stratis will be in charge of providing smart contracts, sidechains and blockchain technology.

The Stratis ICO platform additionally acts as the launching pad for new tokens and enables buyers to earn a proportion of the tokens by making contributions in either Bitcoin or STRAT. Changelly has also integrated with the ICO Platform which means that now, the accepted currencies will include USD, BTC, STRAT and more than 50 other tokens.

However, even though no specific dates have been provided as to when the platform will be launched, but the project has been split up into three phases: the deployment phase, the live phase, and the token distribution phase. In the first phase or the deployment phase, the Web Application will be set up. By the end of this phase, the token seller will have integrated with Web Application with their site and notified potential buyers when the ICO will start.

The live phase runs for a specific amount of time. By the end of this phase, the ICO platform will have recorded how many of the tokens are due to each buyer, which leads to the token distribution phase. Here, buyers of the tokens will have supplied an address from a supported wallet.