Crypto Debit Card

McAfee’s New Crypto Debit Card Will be Privacy and Anonymity-Focused

John McAfee, who is running for the US presidency in 2020, has recently announced that his new crypto debit card will be semi-anonymous because privacy comes first.

What Is Needed?

Just your name and address!

John McAfee has just tweeted that users of his upcoming cryptocurrency debit card will only need to provide their names and address with PO boxes being acceptable.

He said –

“One thing I forgot to mention about my upcoming Visa/Mastercard Crypto Debit Card: I retain the privacy and anonymity inherent in Crypto. We ask only what name you want on the card and what address you want it shipped to. P.O. boxes are acceptable.”

Transactions Using Crypto Debit Card

John McAfee, earlier this month, posted a tweet claiming that he just completed his first functional transaction using his cryptocurrency debit card by scanning the code on the back with his wallet and transferring Bitcoin to buy drinks for his development team.

Later that day, he posted an image showing both sides of the crypto debit card along with the drink he bought using it.

John McAfee has made a new claim about his cryptocurrency debit card that it will be available as both a Visa and Mastercard debit card.


Also, McAfee extolled users to send Bitcoin to his wallet address shown on the back of his card for testing.

Though it appears as if McAfee received too many testing transactions, posting a screenshot of his wallet a day after and dissuading his followers from sending more Bitcoins for testing –

“When I suggested in my last tweet that naysayers saying the scan code on the back of my Bitcoin Visa card was not even real, should just try sending Bitcoins and see – sure as heck, the BTC started arriving. I insist on this stop. Already the IRS hates me.”