McAfee Mathematically Predicts Bitcoin

McAfee Launches New Crypto Trading Platform

John McAfee, the founder of the eponymous antivirus software and a vocal Bitcoin bull, has been coming up with a spate of crypto offerings recently. This candidate for the US Presidential Elections of 2020, is attempting to create a whole ecosystem of crypto products built around the McAfee brand name. Having already come out with the McAfee Freedom Coin and the McAfee crypto debit card, he is now ready to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform, for newbies and pros alike. Called McAfee Magic, this platform will allow users trade in and exchange over 500 cryptocurrencies on several different crypto exchanges. It will be a very convenient platform for most people as it will allow users to trade both manually as well as by using a trading bot.

This flamboyant personality of the crypto world took to his official Twitter account to announce that he was going to launch this project very soon. He stated, to his thousands of followers, that he had been prevented from launching this “magnum opus” project sooner because of some run-ins that he had with the corrupt chief of Bahamian Police and some alleged assassins. He wrote:

His relationship with the authorities notwithstanding, McAfee seems to be having quite the time in the crypto world, having come up with several notable crypto projects of late. McAfee Magic is equipped with a dashboard that allows users to view major crypto prices across top crypto exchanges and avail of arbitrage opportunities. Right now, the available list of exchanges include Binance, Kraken, Polniex, Huobi, HitBTC, Coinbene, Bittrex, Exmo and Livecoin. Interestingly, even HitBTC, which McAfee had dismissed as being fraudulent, has been included in the list.

To use the platform, one must first buy Arbitrage (ARB), an ERC20 token. According to the declaration on the platform’s website, the services are available across jurisdictions, including areas with a dicey regulatory approach such as India. It will also provide the option of shadow trading, which, according to its website will allow the users to do the following:

“McAfee shadow enables novices to simultaneously shadow multiple professionals, across a range of exchanges and cryptocurrency pairs.”

Clearly, McAfee is all set to make his mark in the crypto world with his host of crypto offerings. Yet, considering his history of trouble with law enforcement agencies, it remains to be seen how much success he sees.