Mars4 – distinctive NFT Land Plots of the terrestrial planet for Crypto Fans

There was a time once area travels showed solely on screens and dreams concerning Mars appeared out of this planet. Welcome to this, then it’s become real.

Now you’ll be able to own a bit of the terrestrial planet by collaborating within the Mars Land NFT sale running on Ethereum. bit the red earth, take the primary step, discover the water, or grow the primary plant on Mars.

MARS4 – however is it unique?

Mars4 – targeted system wherever you’ll be able to explore a virtual Mars Metaverse, own and customise your land property with MARS4 Tokens and even reap the rewards of the world’s initial revenue-generating NFT! enticing tokenomics of Mars4 leverages NFT Mars Land, Gamification, and Token distribution.

The Mars4 project’s development team has shapely an in depth 3D map of Mars’ tract when NASA’s Mars knowledge. consider it as Mars’ equivalent of the 2001 Google Earth 3D map. The whole space of the terrestrial planet is split into 99.888 distinctive land plots, each drawn by a novel NFT.

Mars4 could be a platform that permits folks to have and access the virtual Metaverse world that options the fourth planet in our system, Mars. The NFT project is battery-powered by cryptocurrency, that makes it additional accessible to folks all round the world.

Dual tokenomics of Mars4 contains land NFTs and MARS4 greenbacks. There’s an initial offer of four billion MARS4 Tokens that square measure used because the main currency on the Metaverse of that 1/3rd are sent to mint the restricted offer of NFT land plots.

Earn passive financial gain by merely holding Mars Land

The platform operates on the Ethereum, permitting users to learn from high dealings process speeds. apart from owning a parcel of land on Mars, users conjointly get the chance to learn from their land plots. within the future, Mars NFTs are open for staking, and liquidity mining, so earning passive financial gain to their house owners.

The Mars4 platform is that the initial blockchain-based project to permit collectors to receive passive financial gain through their NFTs. once a collector owns a land plot NFT, they’re technically enclosed within the Mars4 yield generating system. this technique ensures every dealings performed on the platform redistributes MARS4 tokens to the NFT holders.

Before the launch of Metaverse, epochs square measure introduced to spread passive financial gain for Mars landlords. The scarceness model is meant to produce a yield for NFT house owners as shortly as doable, as there aren’t any transactions till the sport isn’t however launched.

Each Epoch starts when a brand new batch of 10,000 NFTs square measure is sold . fifty one of financial gain from the Land NFTs square measure decentralized to the previous NFT house owners, beginning in Epoch one. As over 50,000 NFTs were sold already, Mars4 entered the primary epoch on sept 24 2021. There already sits over 3.5 million MARS4 tokens in Epoch1 distribution.

Benefits of Owning a distinctive NFT land plots of Mars4

An NFT collectible’s capability to sell itself is one in all the various perks of getting it. As these comes become additional and additional common, their worth can increase exponentially. This alone makes them a really nice quality to possess in your assortment. Another profit is that they’ll ne’er wander off or go missing as a result of you own them on the blockchain.

With Mars4, you’ll be able to take care that your land on Mars is often safe and, at an equivalent time, you’re obtaining actual worth from it. the distinctiveness of Mars4 is that you {just} will increase your NFT land worth just by owning a bit of the virtual planet. because the project yield, when a dealings happens on the MARS4 Metaverse, it’ll contribute MARS4 greenbacks to your notecase.

Non-fungible token sales and trade have gone from increasing to skyrocketing. In fact, the worth of Mars4 NFT is consistently increasing. The scarceness principle is applied to the value of land plots, thus the additional Martians who get property, the upper the value of the free ones become. It’s solely natural that the value of NFTs rises because the range of accessible NFTs diminishes, that is why NFT and Mars4 devotees square measure inspired to shop for their land on Mars as shortly as doable.

Moreover, Mars4 ensures that Martians square measure forever obsessed with owning, trading, and performing on the platform which their interest within the P2E game is often at its peak — Mars Land NFT house owners can self claim the NFT reward distribution, are ready to terraform their heaps, and build civilizations of the primary Martians deciding on the earth. Therefore, turn over before you sell your NFTs.

How to get Mars Land NFT for yourself

Joining Mars4 Metaverse is one in all the best ways that to start out any NFT project and find a full operating atmosphere up and running.

Firstly, you wish to go to the official web site at computer, browse and perceive additional concerning the NFT Metaverse. you’ll notice the “NFT SALE” page on the most menu, wherever it directs you to a different page with additional info concerning the NFTs on Mars4. There, click the button “Buy Mars Land NFTs” to induce started.

Next, you’re switched to the 3D layout of the earth Mars. Here you’re ready to find each block of land that Mars4 is providing to the patrons. you’ll be able to begin your NFT expertise with any land you would like.

After you’ve got designated the land of your selection, you’re allowed to buy it by clicking on the button “Buy” on this page that you just see. Note that the value of those NFTs is considerably over that of normal tokens.

Once you’ve got purchased Associate in Nursing NFT, you may be granted access to the current block of land on Mars4. Click on the “View” button to look at the land yet because the plots that you just own on this NFT.

MARS4 listed on Bittrex and SushiSwap

MARS4 greenbacks have launched on Bittrex – a world category cryptocurrency exchange with attention on security and trust. Bittrex provides the widest choice of cryptocurrencies within the u. s. at the side of quick trade execution and dependable digital wallets, all protected by industry-leading security practices.

What is additional, Mars4 currency is additionally obtainable on SushiSwap, a localized exchange referred to as an automatic market maker. everybody holding MARS4 and ETH will participate within the staking program on SushiSwap yet. during this approach, holders will simply earn extra financial gain everyday. moreover, the SushiSwap Onsen program with a double number is planned to be open within the fourth week of Oct.

In short – you’ll be able to simply and safely acquire MARS4 tokens on Bittrex or Sushiswap exchanges.


The demand for Mars-related NFTs can rise as additional exploration reveals Mars’s mastery. Mars4 NFTs square measure a rare combination of the NFT edges of proof of possession of one thing each scarce and delightful, and passive financial gain generation.

Unlike alternative NFT comes, Mars4 has revenue assurance from its NFT yield generating protocols. it’s thus not simply a creative and exploration medium for content creators, people, and businesses, however a superb supply of passive financial gain.