Market Update: Top Coins In The Green, Few See Minor Losses

With the winter season ebbing away, is crypto winter also drawing to a close? We can sure hope so, especially with the crypto market itself throwing a green signal our way. As of 12th February, all top 5 crypto coins seems to be experiencing a slight upswing. Although some coins in the top 20 are still in the red, most have registered some sort of rise in price, no matter how small.

Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency of the market, is registering a 0.22% rise in the green, with a price of $3,664.16 at the time of writing. It is to be noted that all cryptocurrency market data provided here is sourced from data aggregation site The market cap of Bitcoin is currently $64.25 B.

Ethereum has retained the second spot that it snatched back from Ripple last week. Its price is showing a rise of 1.38% and is currently at $123.33. Its market cap, the second highest in the market, is now 12.93 billion dollars. Ripple has reached a price point of $0.306445 with a rise of 0.62%.

EOS has registered a sharp rise at about 6.9%, taking its price to $2.98. Litecoin has reached $43.88 with a 1.59% rise.

Of those in the red, USDT has had one of the lightest hits with a 0.06% fall. Bitcoin Cash has seen a fall by 1.22% to $122.21 and Tron has seen a slightly higher fall by 1.70% to $0.024419. Of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the other three coins to have found themselves in the red have been Binance coin (steepest fall in this range at 2.60%), Cardano and NEM.

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Clearly, with 14 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies basking in the green glow, the market looks rather promising.

For long, experts have been expecting a bullish outbreak in the crypto market. If it were to come now, it would spell the end for the longest bear market in the history of crypto. As winter season prepares for its final curtain call this year, we hope crypto winter will follow suit.