Market Update: Top Coins Fall, Bitcoin Struggles To Keep Its Head Above The Water

As the end of March approaches, the crypto market has taken a beating again, with many of the top 20 crypto coins (ranked according to market cap) seeing substantial losses. Top crypto Bitcoin has barely managed to hold on to its $4000+ price point, struggling to keep its head above the water. It is currently (at the time of writing) priced at $4,019.07, having fallen by 0.12 per cent.

All five of the top cryptocurrencies have found themselves in the red on the Coinmarketcap list. These are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and EOS. Of these five coins, the sharpest decline has been experienced by Litecoin, which has seen its price fall by 1.87 per cent to $59.87. Ethereum’s fall has been by about 0.70 per cent, and at the time of writing, it is priced at $136.72. Ripple,for its part, has seen a fall of about 0.56 per cent only and EOS by 0.63%.

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Surprisingly even when the market overall has seen a downward trend, Binance Coin (BNB) has made a rather substantial leap, with its price shooting up to $16.97 by as much 11.56%. Of all coins, several of the privacy cryptocurrencies have managed to perform decently, with Monero and Dash in the green. Even though privacy coin ZCash is not one of the top 20 coins (it is ranked 22 as per market capitalisation), it has also managed to stay in the green like Dash and Monero, registering a 2.12 per cent rise.

As most cryptocurrencies remain in the red as of now, the dream of seeing a bull run this year seems to fading away more and more each day. The longest crypto winter continues and it seems that Game of Thrones’ winter will conclude sooner than this, now that the show is due to make a comeback soon.

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