Market Update: Crypto Market Remains in Doldrums With Top Coins Facing Minor Losses

As the first weekend of March 2019 draws to a lazy end, we find the crypto market in a continued state of slump, with Bitcoin and top altcoins registering minor losses.

Top crypto Bitcoin is yet to break the $4000 price point again, stuck as it is at the $3,855.64 range (according to, at the time of writing) with a mild 0.06% fall. Out of the 19 altcoins that make up the top 20 cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin, a little over half are also experiencing small losses.

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Ethereum has held on to its spot as the second largest cryptocurrency in the market as per market capitalisation. With a fall of 0.09% and a price point of $133.27, Ethereum (ETH) has moved into the red. The third largest cryptocurrency of the market, which was jostled out of the second spot by Ethereum earlier this year, fell by a slightly higher but still minor percentage. It fell by 0.43% to $0.312716.

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Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, IOTA, DASH, Maker, NEO and Ethereum Classic have all registered falls in their respective prices, out of the top 20. Maker’s fall has clearly been the steepest as its price has slid down by 2.42% to $662.95. Ethereum Classic has seen the second highest fall out of all these top 20 cryptocurrencies, having seen its price fall by 1.73%.

Despite these minor losses, several of the top cryptocurrencies have also managed to hold their own. Of these, Stellar (XLM) leads the pack with a 3.27% rise. Its price is now $0.087063. EOS, one of the top 5 (fourth in the market as per market capitalisation) also registers a rise by 1.61% to $3.56.

Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Binance Coin, Tron and Monero have shown slight increases in their respective prices as well. However, the important point to note here is the fact that neither rises and nor the falls have been too steep to write home about.

The volatility of the market seems to be under control, in sharp contrast with the bloodbath experienced by the crypto market in the last weekend of February.

Then, the crypto enthusiasts around the world had watched on in horror and dismay as 11 billion dollars had been wiped off from the crypto market cap. Now, however, the market is back to a state of doldrums, with vague hopes of recovery, if any.