Maltese Celebrities File Complaints Against Alleged Involvement In Crypto Scheme

Malta has been a country, which has been the forerunner when it comes to adoption of cryptocurrencies. Recently though, as per reports published by Malta Independent and Malta Today on Thursday, Jan. 10, a Maltese actor and two hosts of a local TV show have notified the police about a false report alleged that they had been involved in a Bitcoin investment scheme called “Bitcoin Revolution.”

The news article by Malta Independent reveals that an article with a fake endorsement of Bitcoin Revolution was initially published on a website called Major News, which spoke about the participation of two hosts of the One Breakfast show, Wayne Sammut and Elaine Degiorgio, and also falsely claimed that Davide Tucci, a Maltese actor, and TV star, was a guest on their show. The false report also claimed that Tucci has apparently convinced Degiorgio — as they were “on air” — to make a 250 euro deposit to a trading platform called Bitcoin Revolution, which supposedly had helped himself out of bankruptcy. They added that the money invested during the fake “show” had increased to 483.18 euro “within three minutes.” The report also illustrated how to use the platform and provided potential customers with instructions on how to sign up.

Tucci was quick to react to the fake news article, posting a video statement on his Facebook page which claimed that he has never promoted or engaged in any activities related to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. He described the report as a scam and said:

“This is clearly a scam and click-bait, please don’t buy into this.”

Furthermore, Tucci declared that he has reported the case to the Malta Police Force’s Cybercrime unit as did the One Breakfast hosts Sammut and Degiorgio who claimed that not only had Tucci never been their guest, no investments had ever been made live on their show.

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), when asked about the legal status of Bitcoin Revolution said that a company under such name had never been authorized by the Maltese government. They also added that they were also launching their own investigation regarding this matter.