Malta To Use Blockchain in Its Education System

Malta Today, the English daily publication of the country has recently reported that the government is going to store all the educational certificates on a blockchain backed platform. The recent development was concluded after a successful trial run of the pilot blockchain project started two years back.

The Maltese government has already signed a two-year contract with a software company called Learning Machine, to expand the pilot project to the whole nation. Now every educational certificate awarded by the secondary schools or independent church will be stored on the blockchain.

Malta Becomes First Nation to implement Blockchain in Education

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who himself is a blockchain enthusiast remarked during the signing of the contract that Malta has become the first nation to use blockchain based education certificates.

Malta started its Blockchain approach as early as 2017 where it decided to research, study and find potential use cases of the technology to implement it in the country. The prime minister during his address noted that the dream of making Malta heaven for blockchain and crypto services, and as of today they are on a progressive path to make that dream come true.

Malta indeed is progressing towards creating a blockchain centered country. In July 2018, the Maltese government passed a set of rules and regulations to encourage and promote crypto service use and attract different firms to look towards the country for legal certainty.

Other Blockchain Education Use Cases on the Rise

Malta might have become one of the first nations to issue blockchain backed educational certificates, but many other institutes and countries are planning to follow the suit. The University of Bahrain also recently announced its plans to issue diploma certificates backed by blockchain technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has recently announced its pilot project to issue educational certificates to 100 graduates on a blockchain platform. The users can access their certificate through an app to show it to their employers or wherever the need arises.