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Malta Approves License For Kintaro Capital

Malta has been known for quite some time to be supportive of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies. According to recently published news, the country has now given licenses Kintaro which is a cryptocurrency private investment firm.

A new sub-unit of the firm, Kintaro Capital, which is being tested by the Konfido blockchain studio received their license in the month of February, is to be considered to be among the Europian Union funds that have earned the approval of its Private Investment Crypto license.  The license as granted by the Malta Financial Services Authority makes this Kintaro Capital the first crypto fund that is being regulated by the Maltese government and law.

This license will ensure a lot of benefits for the company as well as the clients. Malta abides by all the rules and regulations of the Europian Union, which is why it is the one that is responsible for the protection and security of the finances of the investor.

The country has been recognized as a hub of financial innovation which ensures a regulated environment of crypto. his, in turn, has proved to be quite beneficial for the development of the crypto space as more people gradually are becoming less wary about the issue and becoming willing to test out the technology confidently. While many people generally have trust issues with cryptocurrency because of its decentralized and unpredictable nature, Kintaro Capital will enable many people to experiment with crypto space without the fear of losing their assets or getting scammed.

Kintaro Capital is very experienced in the crypto space and has almost three years of experience in dealing with crypto and blockchain technology. Mervyn Maistry is the chairman of Kintaro Capital while Mr Brendan Robertson, who has more than 20 years of experience, having served the HPS at Kieger AG Kintaro’s ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ is an active board member.