Make Informed Decisions with CryptoCompare Mobile App

The global cryptocurrency market data provider, CryptoCompare launched its mobile app for digital currencies.

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014 with the mission of providing easy to use and reliable data about digital assets such as Bitcoin. The company is based in London, United Kingdom. CryptoCompare is known for providing access to real-time, reliable, high-quality pricing data for over 240,000 currency pairs and over 5,300 coins to the retail and institutional investors. The company offers a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency market. The company not only provides the most accurate real-time prices but also provides live charts and market analysis from 25 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. At the CryptoCompare website, you can find the comprehensive list of cryptocurrency mining devices and crypto wallets. The list can help you in finding the best mining device and cryptocurrency wallet for your needs. With the help of CryptoCompare crypto, traders can stay updated on the latest price movements.

On demand of its huge crypto trading community, the company has launched the mobile app which will help the crypto investors to analyse the digital assets more efficiently. The app offers its users the ability to monitor live bitcoin and altcoin pricing data, track crypto investments through multiple portfolios. The users will now be able to get the latest crypto new on the go. On the mobile app, the crypto traders can view the historical and technical charts of all major crypto exchanges and over 5,500 cryptocurrency coins.

On the launch of the CryptoCompare mobile app the Chief Executive Officer of the CryptoCompare, Charles Hayter said that:

“We’re very excited to launch our mobile app to our community of more than 930,000 users. Our data is viewed between 20 and 180 million times per hour, peaking during times of higher market volatility. We continually invest in our technology and APIs to ensure our infrastructure remains robust and investors can access data as needed to execute trades on their investment portfolios. The launch of our mobile app is a natural next step, offering our users a choice in how they wish to interact with the crypto markets.”

The mobile app will enable the users to take smart and informed decisions based on the insights gained from real-time and historical data for each cryptocurrency.