Liverpool FC Looking To Join Hands With Tron?

Justin Sun, the CEO of the Tron Foundation, has hinted at the possibility of a potential partnership with Liverpool FC, the premier British football club.

A tweet from Sun’s official Twitter handle read:

The video that he posted included a short video invitation from Liverpool Football Club (LFC), with the Tron logo appearing in the video. It signals at a possible collaboration between the two giants, details of which remain undisclosed for now.

A few people from the Tron foundation have stepped up and commented on this recent development. Misha Lederman, co-founder of Tron-related blockchain startup IAmDecentralized, has commented that this new tie-up between Tron and LFC “would be beyond massive for crypto to say the least.”

So does that mean a near future when the Tron logo will be prominent on the red shirt? Lederman seems to think so. He added that he “can already see the TRON logo on that red @LFC shirt at Anfield.” It is clear that once this official partnership is undertaken, we can expect some exciting new developments where sports will meet tech.

The TRON cryptocurrency is growing at a massive pace. It is now the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the world. According to decentralized applications (DApps)-focused analytics website, the Tron blockchain is doing equally well and has one of the fastest growing DApp user base.

Samuel Austin, co-founder and developer at blockchain payment firm HummingPay, is of the opinion that Liverpool’s collaboration with Tron will help the latter gain mainstream visibility and acceptance.

Tron has recently undertaken several developments, like collaborating with the Japanese Government on Blockchain development, or teaching blockchain based courses in universities across Silicon Valley.

Previously, many other soccer clubs have looked for support from crypto companies or blockchain companies, owing to the massive growth in both over the years.