Litecoin Forges New Partnerships For Mainstream Adoption

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, has recently stated in an announcement that it has entered into a partnership with, a blockchain-based hotel booking platform.

Litecoin is doing everything in its power to ink new deals to fuel its bid for mainstream adoption. is a blockchain company, that can serve as insipration for the likes of Expedia, who have refused to accept Bitcoin. Once Travala starts accepting Litecoins, it might push the others to adopt it as well.

Lee stated:

“We are excited to work with to make it easier for Litecoin users to #TravelWithLitecoin. Nothing aids mass adoption more than real-world use cases, and the opportunity to use a global currency like Litecoin to travel around the world is a powerful one.”

Bitcoin has been doing extremely well of late, but people have been noticing a period of slump for altcoins. However, Litecoin price has been on the rise, as you can see from the CoinMarket Cap grah below.

Litecoin, LTC
Source: CoinMarketCap

This new deal will allow travelers to slash 40% of their hotel costs by paying with Litecoin on has a portfolio of approximately 600,000 properties spanning hundreds of countries and territories. So even though the platform has partnerships with both Litecoin and Bitcoin, the loyalties of customers do not have to be divided.

The market is noticeably amped up about this partnership, as this would encourage the mainstream adoption of both Bitcoin and Altcoins in the market. Litecoins has also been building up a solid brand image with the launch of Litecoin Core v0.17.1, which has resultsed in significantly lower default transaction fee.

“The default minimum transaction fee -mintxfee has been lowered to 0.0001 LTC/kB after relaxing the minimum relay and dust relay fee rates in prior releases.”