Line, Japan’s very own social network to have its own digital currency!

When you are placed in a market where there are a lot of opportunities to improve oneself, the amount of innovations that arise out of the same is incredibly mesmerizing. One similar market is the blockchain market. The financial commodity backed by technology is an apt place for innovators to innovate and one of the most recent technical upliftments that we see on the horizon is social media companies resorting to releasing digital currencies of their own. There are a lot of social media innovations that are slowly paving the way for more similar innovations in the same. FaceBook became the pioneer in developing Libra, the social-media giant’s very own digital currency that is putting up high competition in the blockchain space. 

Following the trail:

When an innovation from a company succeeds in its goals, it sets as an example for many small companies that take the trail and develop very own similar products. Such a generic example to the same would be Line, the Japanese-based social media exclusively available for the people of Japan.

Line is a very sophisticated social media platform that was developed in Japan for the people of Japan, that had a long impending development stage until it was released for public usage.

The plan is all set:

Now that Line has successfully reached a strong altitude in terms of development and establishment, they are venturing onto the next big trend in the world, their very own digital currency. 

The Digital currency nicknamed “LINK” will be available for the users of the social media platform within the chat-application itself from the start of April 2020. The expectations for the performance of the token are sky-high as Line is not new to the Blockchain space. 

They started their venture into the Blockchain space in 2018 and with a lot of bottlenecks on the way, they went in succeeding releasing Bitbox exchange in 2018.

The incubation period:

Initial plans for Link (LNK) was available for trading at Bitbox with trading pairs of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But as the development went ahead with Link, the social media started plans to launch the token as a digital currency for its chat application. And now that they have made it official, all eyes are set on the token on how it would actually perform in a very hostile environment with competition from giants like Facebook’s Libra.