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Lightning Spin, A Bitcoin Gambling Game Becomes the First-Ever Lapp To Be Sold

Lightning Spin, the Bitcoin gambling game based on the famous Bitcoin Lightning network’s pioneering lightning applications (LApps) has announced its sales, making it the first ever Lapp based game to have organized a sale.

The Lightning spin was developed by a Portuguese developer Rui Gomes, roughly 9 months ago. The announcement has got the lightning community excited and many see the game as the catalyst for further development on the network in the near future.

Lightning spin becomes the lightning application where the users can experience instantly settled microtransactions and withdrawls. The developer Gomes wrote a blog post in light of the latest development, shedding some light on various features and novelties in the game.

“You could pay 6¢ for a single spin, (1 BTC was around $6,000 back then) and withdraw your winnings in seconds — something that would be impossible with the fiat system and would be increasingly difficult on Bitcoin’s base layer.”

While disclosing further details about his lightning spin application which incidentally also coincide with the expansion of the whole Lightning network ecosystem, Gomes revealed that at the time of sale the Lightning spin wheel has already been spun a whopping 120,000 times by over 3,300 individuals.

Gomes Does Not Want to Reveal About the new Owners

While divulging and interacting with his followers, Gomes touched on various aspects of his lightning spin game based on Lapp but refrained from revealing any details about the buyers of the game.

However, he assured his Twiter followers that the new owners of the game share a similar vision and enthusiasm for the lightning network as his, and also said that he had rejected several better paying offers just because their vision was not in sync with his, and wanted to turn the website in a shitcoin thing.

Now that he has sold his LApp game, Gomes would be purely focused on the multi-layered bitcoin payment processor provider OpenNode – where he’s worked as lead software engineer for almost a year. Apart from that he also runs a newsletter and Bitcoin sticker pack online store.