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Lenovo DCG To Showcase its Blockchain Solutions at Future Blockchain Summit

Lenovo Data Center Group(DCG) global technology leaders are going to showcase their work and various blockchain solutions that they have created in partnership with Intel and Nutanix in the upcoming Future Blockchain summit. The company is also planning to showcase its future projects and those in the pipeline at the event.

The Future Blokchcian summit is being hosted in Dubai and set to commence tomorrow at Dubai World Trade Center.

Dr. Chris Cooper, general manager, Lenovo DCG Middle East said,

“We are very pleased to be participating in the Future Blockchain Summit for the first time to showcase our recent breakthroughs in blockchain technology. Our focus is to deliver solutions that will enable companies and organizations the ability to streamline their business process with digital “Trust” that will enhance their business productivity and growth. I believe this will strongly fuel the digital transformation taking shape in the region.”

Lenovo has Developed Various Blockchain Projects

Lenovo has been working closely with Nutanix to build an array of Blockchain projects and solutions. One such project which was recently showcased to the public has been built on the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX7820 Appliance platform and runs on the Nutanix Acropolis virtualization platform in addition to Intel Xeon Skylake processors.

lenovo as a technical giant of a company has been vocal about creating Artificial Intelligence driven analytics to keep up with the pace at which blockchain adoption is going on. The company’s global blockchain, AI and IoT leader has said that authentic data will be critical for the progress and positive impact of the Distributed ledger technology on a grand scale.

He explained further,

“There is a need for sophisticated AI-driven analytics as blockchain adoption increases in the region and more complete and critical data is stored in distributed ledgers”

He also believes that their partnership with Intel and Nutanix would pave the path for executing and deploying complex blockchain solutions for a number of businesses who can benefit a lot from the distributed ledger technology.

Lenovo DCG has recently developed the architecture for a blockchain platform which would be used by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The project was given to Lenovo under the government’s 5-year plan aimed at making the country digitally compatible with the world leaders. The Lenovo developed architecture would help the government to create a digital signature for its citizens.