Ledger’s Nano S Wallet is Now French Government Approved

Ledger, the leaders in producing hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies have added another feather to their cap, where the National Cybersecurity Agency of France has approved and certified the NanoS wallet. This makes the Ledger NanoS only crypto wallet to be approved by the cybersecurity agency of a country.

The latest certification from the French cybersecurity arm comes as a great sigh of relief for the company, given it was recently marred into a controversy where a firmware update resulted in the loss of internal storage. The controversy escalated to a point where the community had asked for the boycott of Ledger products accusing them of intentionally reducing the storage capacity given their new product was just up for the launch.

The company had to come out with an explanation and they said it was an honest mistake and they are looking to resolve the issue at earliest.

The recent certification from the French government would surely boost the morals of the brand amid the ton of flak that it received. The French cybersecurity arm, ANSSI has certified the wallet with first level certification. This news came into the public domain after the government website listed the NanoS wallet along with 121 other products.

What were the criteria For Certification

The certification criteria involved a number of cybersecurity tests where a total of 261 products were up for contention. The cybersecurity lab started performing an array of security tests starting from June 1, 2018, where the devices were put under certain cyber threats and checked how well the device is able to withstand and surpass such threats.

some of the tests include firewall, identification, authentication and access, secure communications, and embedded software techniques.

This the first instance where a crypto related product has received a security certification, and the news is surely going to boost public confidence towards the Ledger made products. Ledger also maintains that they have a lab of their own where they do test their products under a lot of circumstances and make them go through a lot of vulnerabilities to check whether they would withstand the real-world cyber attacks.

After receiving the certification, Ledger is planning to get all of their devices certified, which would also peg other product makers to follow the suit.