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Ledger to Soon Launch Mobile-Friendly Nano X Crypto Wallet

Ledger, the digital currency wallet firm, has announced the launch of their new project called Nano X at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Nano X is a Bluetooth-enabled device. It will ensure usability on smartphones.

As per reports, the Nano X wallet comes integrated with Bluetooth technology. It allows the wallet to be used with smartphones; hence users do not have to use desktops or laptops while carrying out transactions.

The company has made tremendous strides with their Bluetooth-enabled wallet Nano X because, previously, the primary issue faced by the Nano Ledger S wallet was the requirement to be connected to a computer to make transactions.

Nano S is one of the most recent cryptocurrency hardware wallets released by Ledger. As of now, the company has successfully sold as much as 1.3 million Nano S wallets.

The Chief Executive Officer at Ledger, Eric Larcheveque, has not commented on the price of the soon to be launched Nano X but the company agrees that the launch of the new wallet will result in a decrease in the rate of their Nano S device.

With more memory space and many more such features, the Nano X is not only going to be more advanced than the existing Nano S device, but it is also slated to have a screen bigger than that of the current Nano S device.

Thus, the users will have easier visibility, and the problem of deletion of token apps to add more coins will also be successfully resolved.

Larchevque elaborated on the new device,

“We have lots of third-party developers who are developing applications, We want to make sure that these applications can only sign transactions for their own private key.”

To conclude, Ledger is looking to release a new cryptocurrency wallet at an exciting time! In 2019, the world is looking towards mass adoption of digital currencies. With most of the cryptocurrencies having experienced a bear market in 2018, it might just be time for another bull run, Interestingly, Ledger’s sales had surged during the cryptocurrency bull run of the year 2017.