AP Stylebook 2019

Latest Version of AP Stylebook Gets New Section on Cryptocurrencies

The Associated Press (AP), a major New York news outlet, has recently announced in an official Twitter post yesterday, that its latest version of The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law is going to provide guidelines for writing blockchain-related terms and cryptocurrencies.

As indicated by the new AP style guidelines, that constitute a well-known standard for professional publications, the writers need to capitalise the names of digital currencies when referring to them as a system. However, they also need to keep the first letter lowercase when relating to token payments. They offered the following two sentences for examples –

“The government wants to regulate Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He bought a vacuum cleaner online using bitcoins.”

This instance in the Twitter post is pulled from the entry of 2019 AP Stylebook on cryptocurrency. Another recommendation from its cryptocurrency entry is to refrain from referring to cryptocurrency as ‘crypto’ for circumventing ambiguity or confusion with the term known as ‘cryptography.’

The 2019 AP Stylebook, in addition to cryptocurrency – that was also announced for sale through Twitter yesterday – additionally has entries on blockchain and Bitcoin, that offer definitions for the terms and define how they are related to one another.

In 2018, the Associated Press partnered with Civil, a journalism platform, for protecting AP content by using blockchain technology.