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Klaytn Blockchain Prevented from Generating Blocks

Klaytn, a South Korean-based blockchain platform witnessed a brief issue with not being properly communicated among consensus nodes on Sunday. However, this resulted in block generation on hold.

Klaytn is generally a blockchain project which is undertaken by Kakao, the South Koeran social messaging prominent player. At present, Kakao has taken the business on new heights with the expansion of mobile banking, gaming, and other services. The blockchain falls under the umbrella of the Ground subsidiary. The blockchain project is aimed at large-scale enterprise usage in South Korea.

On Sunday, Klaytn reported the concern of block generation through its official Twiiter account. It is more obvious to the community that there are errors plaguing the network. 

The issue was rolled out for three hours as the mainnet resumed normal activity once it was come across that there was inappropriate communication among the consensus nodes. There was no explanation as to what caused the issue, but the platform reported that it would be investigating the incident further. 

While there is still no positive signal to what caused the network outage. There was a new version released on March 27. This new version brought with the huge storage of trie optimization adjustment of state trie cache parameters to escalate performance rate. 

Klaytn made a note that the network would probably be completely available but at some point the users might experience instability. Klaytn has got a great deal of support in South Korea, especially with its ties to Samsung, the country’s largest electronics corporation. The blockchain project is developed under Kakao and it enables the project to be released after the prestigious enterprise blockchain market.

A consensus mechanism is a medium to reach a consensus between entities and trustless. In blockchain technology, it is specifically used to reach a consensus to find whether the block is valid or not. The performance of blockchain networks majorly depends on the performance of the adoption of consensus mechanisms.