KIM Blockchain

KIN Announces Its Migration from Ethereum to KIN Blockchain

KIN is headed to being the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Applications are coming on the web with tens of thousands of consumers procuring and spending KIN consistently. For continuing this acceleration of growth, now, KIN is moving off the Ethereum Blockchain and going all on the KIN Blockchain.

By all means, KIN has quickly learned and iterated for building the best infrastructure for this ecosystem. In the first place, KIN was launched as an ERC20 token with Ethereum Blockchain for its powerful decentralization. After that, KIN moved to a hybrid solution using Both Ethereum as well as a custom fork of Stellar for incorporating feeless transactions and scale. After working with the fork of Stellar, KIN is currently migrating to KIN Blockchain aiming to simplify not just the technology but its connection to the exchanges.

KIN Blockchain – A Quick Overview

The KIN Blockchain is decentralized technology that is based on the Stellar protocol. Now, KIN will be bought, sold, earned and spent on its own platform. It offers incredible speed and scalability needed for large-scale consumer applications with innumerable users. Not only this, it even promises of security and stability which is the hallmark of decentralized blockchain technology.

Migrating from Ethereum Blockchain to KIN Blockchain removes the complexity of swaps, eliminating the confusion made by having two types of KIN tokens. Also, it simplifies the integration process with both consumer applications as well as exchanges.

How Beneficial Could It Be?

There is nothing that you need to do in general. Those who hold KIN on the Ethereum Blockchain, there will be a simple way for them to migrate their KIN to the KIN Blockchain. The developers with live apps, as well as the consumers using those applications require no action at this time. Their applications will work the way they’ve been.