Justin Sun Says zk-SNARKS Will Be Integrated Into The Tron Network

Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO, was attending Consensus 2019 and he had some interesting insights to share about he upcoming developments with Tron and BitTorrent Token (BTT). He sat down with CNBC Crypto Trader host Ran NeuNer to discuss the future of these projects.

Sun was asked about the future plans he has regarding the two, he said that they are planning to implement zk-SNARKS into the Tron network. For those not aware of the feature, it allows for transactions to be carried out without disclosing any information to the rest of the network.

As far as implementing it into the TRON Network is concerned, Sun has stated that they will first introduce the feature into the private network, before they introduce it into the mainnet.

He was then asked about BTT and the string of developments which are in the pipeline concerning BTT. Sun said that he is hopeful about BitTorrent receiving a lot of mainstream adoption and recognition, when Ran hinted towards the possibility of that happening. Sun stated:

“I have just gone over the data with our chief data scientist. He said the number change is huge. The improvements of the BitTorrent protocol itself is tremendous, not mentioning the cryptocurrency introduced to the BitTorrent network. Everything is fantastic.”

Sun was also quite confident about Tron’s current position in the market. He believes that competition between Tron and its competitors like EOS and Ethereum is healthy for the crypto industry as a whole. He stated that “competition breeds success.”

He went so far as to say that:

“I think after Q2 we will have the more active users than EOS and Ethereum combined.”

NeuNer also brought up the myriad criticism that Sun has to face, to which Sun replied that he doesn’t take all the criticism personally and he considers Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin a friend.

Sun was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics.