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Justin Sun Calls Binance Coin(BNB) as the new Bitcoin

Binanace is among the most trustworthy names in the blockchain space, and over the years it has created a sense of confidence among its user base. it also has its local token called Binance coin (BNB), which was aimed at fuelling a number of services that the exchange offer.

BNB coin has become stronger over its small life span, as it was launched only back in July 2017. The coin was created to provide an easy way to operate on the exchange, however, in recent times the BNB coin has shown growth and acceptance even outside the native exchange, making it one of the more valuable digital assets in the crypto ecosystem. The popularity of BNB coin has got it listed on various exchanges outside the Binance.

The phenomenal rise of BNB coin has made it a talking point in the decentralized space and the number of admirers are only growing. Recently, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON network was in awe of the progress that the BNB token has made. He even went on to call it the modern-day Bitcoin.

Apart from the TRON founder, even Forbes noticed the development and rise of BNB coin and appreciated the team behind the Binance network.

The formation of Binance Decentralized Exchange

Many believe the turnaround came in the form of Binanace decentralized exchange (Binance DEX) which is becoming a trend these days in the market after centralized exchanges have failed to gain the trust of users despite being in the business for so long.

The Binance core team looks well versed with the current trends of the market and the creation of Binanace DEX is a clear example of their approach of creating a user-friendly secure exchange. The team is looking at increasing the user base on its decentralized platform and many analysts believe that as the number of users on the network grows, the local token BNB will gain even wider acceptance and value.

Final Thoughts

The tremendous growth of BNB coin should not come as a surprise who is associated with the crypto space for long. Binance has created a cult of a following through a range of service offerings on its platform. with the launch of decentralized exchange, the trust level is expected to go even higher, but calling it Bitcoin is going little overboard.