Just How Desperately Do Redditors Want The Bear Market To Recover?

If you have been keeping regular tabs on the crypto market, you are already aware of Bitcoin’s predicament. If not, we have got you covered. The bearish trend in November has plunged Bitcoin’s price by 36%, and ither cryptos have suffered equally.

This continued slump in the market has noticeably upset many people and at this point, investors are desperate to see the market recover somehow. Bitcoin Cash has taken a strong hit amidst the ongoing slump. While all of this chaos ensues, a comical post on Reddit which displays the desperation of people to see some green, has been gaining a lot of tractions.

A Redditor has posted the following in relation to the current bearish trend in the market:

“I wonder if we upvote this, is there a chance trading bots get confused and start buying?”

This suggestion which was posted along with a gif of a Bitcoin climbing a rollercoaster, is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. However, the reaction that it has been receiving from other users is worth noting. It seems that a lot of people are willing to consider this idea as legitimate and it has since then got 21,000 upvotes. The comments and discussion that this post has been receiving is very amusing, but it also symbolizes just how badly people want to see the market recover.

One Redditor has commented “Shit, anythings worth a shot at this point.” While the community is taking this in jest, some are actually considering this humurous way out of the slump, completely legitimate. One Redditor has commented that if you look at the bitcoin gif for long enough, it looks as if it’s falling backward, while another one has stated that,

“This is about as solid as all crypto trading advice. I’m in!”

Bitcoin is currently in a very volatile situation and the price keeps going back and forth. At press time, it is trading at $3342.51.

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