John McAfee’s hiding place Was a Secret Bitcoin Mining Farm

John McAfee was reportedly concealing a Spanish “ghost hotel” with a bitcoin mining farm within the basement before his arrest. Clues from pictures and messages the antivirus big businessman denote on social media purpose to a semi-abandoned hotel owned by a Russian.

‘Ghost Hotel’ With Bitcoin Mining Farm

 After John McAfee was reportedly found dead in his cell in Spain, reports have emerged that the antivirus tycoon’s hiding place was a secret bitcoin mining farm.

The place was a semi-abandoned hotel in Cambrils referred to as Daurada Park hotel, El Pais publication rumored Friday. Cambrils could be a coastal city within the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.

The Hotel is dubbed “a ghost hotel” by the Spanish publication El Confidencial as a result of reservations were pretty not possible to create as nobody answered the phone even once the hotel was still operational. The publication tried to contact the hotel concerning the McAfee story back in 2018 however to no avail. There are  few reviews of the hotel on Tripadvisor and none once 2017. Most reviewers found the hotel to be “terrible.”

Daurada Park Hotel was purchased by  an unknown Russian Businessman , the Diari De Tarragona antecedently rumored. Authorities became suspicious of the hotel once an enormous laser pointing at the sky was pointed on its roof. The Catalan police raided the premises in 2018 and found a bitcoin mining farm within the basement of the hotel that was operative 24-7. In step with reports, the police lacked the authority to pack up the bitcoin mining operation at the time as cryptocurrency was an unregulated trade. The publication noted that it absolutely was unclear what happened to the mining farm. The hotel is currently closed.

McAfee recently affirmed that the Feds suspected that he had some hidden cryptocurrencies, which he denied, adding that each one of his assets had been appropriated by the Feds.

Tracing McAfee’s Location to the Semi-Abandoned hotel

McAfee never aforesaid he was at this hotel. However, a bunch of laptop enthusiasts pieced along clues from pictures and comments he denote on-line exploitation methodologies, such as intelligence, Spanish publications sent.

When the cybersecurity mogul aforesaid he was concealing out close to Belarus, many clues placed him in Spain instead. Some pictures of him  on social media enclosed his photos on beaches and balconies matching images on Google maps of the Daurada Park Hotel.

In March, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, McAfee shared photos of empty supermarkets wherever costs were in Catalan. He was conjointly noticed earlier with a bottle of Catalan Sumarroca cava wine, Spanish Bezoya water bottles, and ATO cream that was conjointly created there.

McAfee eventually admitted that he had been in Catalonia once he “visited Spain for many days.” However, the cluster believed that this hotel was his long term base. “He himself has affirmed that he typically came to Catalonia  2018 or 2019 and it looks that he was based mostly  in this hotel,” they said.

The antivirus businessman was caught by police on Oct. 3 last year at the El Prat airport in Barcelona as he was getting to fly to Turkey. On Oct. 2 McAfee was admitted to Brians 2 jail in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, once appearing before Spain’s High court. He was indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice in March. After the 75-year-old was found hung in his cell, speculation concerning him having a “dead man’s switch” began to flow into.