McAfee Mathematically Predicts Bitcoin

John McAfee Says The CIA Is After Him

The mostly bizarre and largely eccentric crypto personality, John McAfee has said another scintillating statement that has got the market talking.

John tweeted on Friday, saying that the CIA is after him, and has tried “to collect” him and his wife Janice Dyson at sea. In the tweet, a photograph is attached of him and his wife holding a massive gun each.

Now this could be just a tweet that has been made to prank people, or as a casual joke, but both of them are packing some hot firepower. In the picture, as you can see above, they are holding an AR-15 rifle and a Benelli.

They are standing on the deck of their yacht, and they both are wearing a non nonsense expression. The tweet can also be perceived as a threat to the CIA, which McAfee says is allegedly after him.

Well, we wouldn’t have taken the matter seriously, has this tweet not been followed by another one, made by McAfee’s staff.

As of now, McAfee’s whereabouts are unknown, and we will keep you posted as soon as we have more info on this.