John McAfee Promises To Reveal The Identity of Real Satoshi Nakamoto

John McAfee, the founder of the famous anti-virus software company and the US Presidential candidate has been in the news lately, but not necessarily for the right reasons. He has been evading arrest for Tax evasion and living in exile. He continuously keeps his followers on Twitter updated over his daily life in exile and how he plans to run his campaign. Recently, he tweeted that he has enough evidence to zero upon the real creator of Bitcoin.

John’s earlier tweets have hinted that a selected few from the crypto space are aware of the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and looking at the time and resources being spent to know the real creator, he has decided to reveal the identity himself in bits and pieces before it is truly revealed. The latest tweet from McAfee came in the light of the recent controversy over Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, who are legally serving “harassment and libel” lawsuits to people who had claimed that he [Craig Wright] was a fraud and wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of the latest tweet from McAfee read,

“How do I know about Satoshi? Yes, I drink, use drugs, chase women, run from the law – which I have done since I was 19. But it does not obviate the fact that I created a great company whose focus was stopping hackers. I had to know about hacking. I am still John Fucking McAfee”

The McAfee Tweet Started the Guessing Game in Crypto Community

When John McAfee tweeted that he might know who the real creator of Bitcoin is, the crypto community started to start a guessing game over who could possibly be the original creator of Bitcoin. Some of those guesses include Hal Finney, Elon Musk, John McAfee, etc.  Some people even suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto should sign a wallet saying “I am not Craig Wright”.

Whether we would really come to know about the identity of the original creator or John is milking the trend, only time would tell. But, the revelation of the identity might become a turning point for the crypto space. Let us hope the identity is revealed with the due permission of the original creator.