Decentralized POTUS Campaign

John McAfee Proclaims His First Ever Decentralized POTUS Campaign

Whenever it comes to US Presidential candidates, John McAfee has always been one of the most interesting yet weird candidates ever. He is rich, highly controversial and bizarre, all at the same time. That’s not just enough about him. Nowadays, he is everywhere in the news for being an advocate of cryptocurrencies. His continuous support for crypto as well as the money he made promoting various ICO projects has been the talk of the town. At present, he is going to take things to another level by promoting cryptocurrencies as a US presidential candidate, and things are becoming even more interesting.

According to the reports, John McAfee had begun his Presidential Campaign for 2020 elections earlier in October. Today, he has proclaimed about his “first ever decentralized POTUS campaign,” where there are no bosses, individuals are allowed to take decisions on their own, and the headquarter of this campaign is a network server.

There’s an article written by his campaign manager Rob Loggia. The article articulates 10 ways whereby volunteers can help John McAfee in his presidential campaign. More interestingly, as McAfee himself has ruled out, contributing money is not one of them. He has ruled out the possibilities of accepting any donations owing to the “paranoid Federal Election Commission.” Individuals can volunteer to support his campaign, but he isn’t about to take any donations.

In a simpler term, the Libertarian candidate John McAfee is running his proclaimed presidential campaign without donations, with no headquarters and without bosses. Now it will be intriguing to see how far he goes with this lean yet gritty approach. In 2016, he had failed to win the candidacy of Libertarian Party, but the failure teaches much and hopefully, his campaign team may have learned its lessons.

Everyone is keen to see how things work out for him this time!