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John McAfee Praises Tron Based Decentralized Content Sharing Platform

John McAfee, the fugitive presidential candidate has recently expressed his love for VibraVid, a Tron based decentralized content sharing platform. John has been absconding from the arrest warrant issued against him for evading crypto taxes.

Tron has made some big strides in recent times to establish itself as one of the front runners as blockchain platform, and its CEO Justin Sun has been quite vocal about TRON’s progress in recent times. Sun says the number of upcoming platforms and tokens based on the Tron protocol is quite significant.

The number of DApps users on the platform is on the rise, a scheduled hard-fork would enhance the network’s security and performance to a great extent. Thus, Tron is making all the right moves and hoping to bring in more people to the blockchain space.

The recent praise from McAfee comes in as a morale boost, given John is a well-recognized face in the crypto space. John Mcafee recently tweeted out praising one of Tron’s decentralized content sharing platform VibraVid, which would provide the creators with compensation based on their work.

What is VibraVid?

The decentralized content sharing platform is being viewed as a direct competition to the established giant Youtube. The new platform aims to completely change the relationship between the content creator and the consumer. The monetization aspect will be the biggest factor of change as the platform promises direct compensation to the creators.

BTZC or BeatzCoin would be the currency of use on the platform, where the creators had the authority to upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to users. The BTZC token would be the fuel of the platform which the creators and consumers can exchange for the digital content like songs and videos.

TRON Creating a Legacy of its Own

Tron in its small lifespan has created quite an impact on the decentralized world. Just like Ethereum Tron serves as a complete ecosystem for the creation of decentralized applications and tokenization. Looking at the current effort by the developers, the network is directly competing with the Ethereum to establish itself as the biggest launch pad for various Dapps and Token creation.

TRONbet a decentralized app of the platform is currently the number one decentralized application in all categories amounting to $36 million worth of transactions in one week. The community is expecting to gain some more momentum in coming days since many new features and updates are scheduled to take place, including a hard-fork update to enhance its security and efficiency.