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John McAfee Offers To Help Binance With The Security Breach

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume and one of the most trusted ones saw a major breach in security which resulted in the theft of $40 million worth of Bitcoin. The Binance hack was the news of the town yesterday and even today, while in the meantime Bitcoin surged past the upper key barrier of $6,000 making many believe that the bull run has arrived.

The aftermath of the Binance hack got controversial when CZ during his AMA got a suggestion of Re-originating the Bitcoin blocks to nullify the hack and distribute the hacked amount among the miners. However, the idea received a heavy backlash from the community and CZ had to clarify that it was not his idea and neither he was thinking of doing anything as such.

While Binance received a lot of support from different corners of the decentralized world, John McAfee, the cybersecurity tycoon was also among them and assured CZ that if any help is possible from his side, given he has been the head of the cybersecurity firm McAfee antivirus and has the experience in tackling such problems.

CZ assured that he would definitely remain in touch and would surely ask him for his help if the situation demands it.

John McAfee Calls on Kaspersky and Other Cybersecurity Firms To Help Binance

While the decentralized space is usually divided on most of the developments and only indulge in blame games, the security breach of Binance has brought in a very rare sense of unity in the crypto space. Binance is not only being offered support from all corners, but there is no blame game going around. People have gracefully accepted the security lapse as a mistake and looking for a solution together.

CZ also accepted that the hacker has helped in identifying certain security gray areas which they would not have found if not for the current breach on the exchange.

McAfee also called upon other major cybersecurity firms like Kaspersky to come together and help Binance in resolving the current security lapse. However, it is to be noted that the funds of customers are safe as Binance offers insurance for such security lapses.