Bitcoin Play Mobile App

John McAfee Launches ‘Bitcoin Play’ Mobile App That Rewards with Satoshi

John McAfee, the famous computer programmer, has recently launched his own mobile application called “Bitcoin Play” that offers Satoshis as rewards for playing on it.

This newly launched mobile app by the Bitcoin maximalist features a quiz-based general knowledge multiple choice game in which users can participate and win BTCs as part of the reward.

Currently, the mobile application offers a family version and an 18+ version in which users can experience John McAfee’s “voice cursing at your ineptitude.”

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The General Knowledge app by John McAfee is comprised of thousands of questions and allows users to compete in a weekly competition league for winning extra rewards and prizes. John McAfee’s latest offering comes after the US presidential candidate reiterated that his $1 mln price target for Bitcoin still remains plausible. Recently, McAfee remarked on his price prediction from last year saying –

“Anyone who can add and subtract, and who has even the slightest comprehension of point-set topology, knows, absolutely, that it can’t be less than one mil within two years.”