Javvy Creates Buzz Amongst Crypto Enthusiasts

Javvy which claims to be the “first truly easy way to buy, sell, & manage all major cryptocurrencies within a single, secure application” is hitting all the correct notes with their recent media coverage about their impending the pre-sale ICO stage.

In a 4-minute teaser video which was released, Javvy’s CEO Brandon Elliot spoke all things Javvy to Kathy Ireland of World Business fame. Elliot explained that how his team had succeeded in creating what Kathy described as “a true fintech disruptor”. They have made an all-in-one intuitive and cohesive package, that will include Know Your Customer onboarding, a crypto exchange as well as a wallet. The full version of the interview will be releasing during Javvy’s ICO pre-sale that is slated to start from November 1st.

Technology Headlines” a Texas-based knowledge platform was also prompt in picking up the news and the progress of Javvy. They, in their article, listed it under their “10 Fastest Growing Blockchain Technology Solution Providers To Watch in 2018” and also highlights the need of the hour for a more simple and cohesive technology in today’s complex crypto world. They assure their readers that Javvy will thus definitely capture the interest of investors and decision makers.

Crypto enthusiasts, bloggers and YouTubers have also been taking a keen interest in this project. Though only time will tell it seems for the general response to Javvy portrays the possibility of it gaining quite the success and popularity in the crypto sphere.