Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen Becomes the Most Traded National Currency in BTC to Fiat Market

The Japanese Yen has dethroned the US Dollar to become the world’s most traded national currency in the Bitcoin to fiat market. Yen has beaten the Dollar by a slim margin of 3.19%. At the time of writing the market share of US Dollar was 44.65%, while the Japanese Yen won the battle with the whopping market share of 47.84%.

As per the data by the crypto market live price tool Coinhills, the runners-up currencies in the Bitcoin to fiat race were Korea’s Won and the Euro. While the Won took the third place at 5.62%, the Euro took the fourth at 1.15%

In 2017, China ruled the roost when it came to the Bitcoin to fiat market. Unfortunately, in September 2017, the nation lost its top position as the largest BTC exchange market when it banned Bitcoin exchanges. From what was, at a point, the market share of 15%, has now become less than 7% for China.

China’s loss of dominance in the BTC to fiat market led to the increase in the share of the other competing markets such as Japan. The growth of Japan’s market, however, was not as expected because of hacks of the exchanges.

As per reports, the hack of the Tokyo-based Coincheck resulted in the stealing of as much as  USD 530 million from the crypto exchange. Such hacks and more led to Japan losing its share of the market.

Subsequently, Japan’s Financial Services Agency realized that to grow the country’s crypto to fiat market, appropriate security measures need to be enforced along with encouraging tax laws, and a clear and concise regulatory framework.

The FSA also made sure to foster the implementation of crypto in everyday transactions by encouraging Blockchain developers to come up with innovative methods to do the same. Consequently, with all the effort by the Financial Services Agency, Yen has now become the most traded national currency in the Bitcoin to fiat market.